Boost Your Sales with The FBA New Selection Programme: 2023 Updated

Amazon has made the FBA New Selection Programme even better for 2023, offering more benefits for sellers who want to grow their businesses. This article covers the important details of the programme, its benefits, and how to qualify as a brand – both on a seller and product level.

FBA New Selection dashboard

Key Benefits of the FBA New Selection Programme

Free Storage and Product Removal

Amazon offers free storage for the first 50 units of each new parent ASIN for 90 days. Sellers can also remove the first 50 units within 180 days without any removal fees.

Free Returns Processing for Some Categories

Amazon doesn’t charge return processing fees for up to 20 units of each parent ASIN in apparel categories like shoes, bags and watches. This can be a real boost for a new seller.

Amazon FBA New Selection Programme Updates for 2023

Bigger Rebates on Sales

In March 2023, Amazon increased the rebates on sales for eligible new-to-FBA parent ASINs. They now give 10% on average instead of 5%. Oversize items can get a rebate for up to 30 units, and standard-size items can get a rebate for up to 100 units.

More Units and Time Eligibility

Amazon now offers storage and rebate benefits for up to 100 units per parent ASIN. These benefits are available for up to 120 units per parent ASIN for longer than previously.

Benefits in More Detail

How to Qualify for the Programme – ASIN & Seller Requisites

What do your products need to look like?

● Only small standard and large standard-size items can qualify.

● Parent ASINs must be new to FBA and not enrolled within the past 180 days.

● Used items and items in Media categories cannot qualify.

● An ASIN must be in one of the specific categories to get free returns processing.

What does the potential seller need to enrol?

● Sellers must be Professional sellers.

● The seller must have an IPI score of 400 or higher.

● New Professional sellers without an inventory storage limit or IPI score can also qualify.

● Sellers’ eligibility is checked every day based on their IPI score.

Ideal Candidates for the New Selection Programme

The Amazon FBA New Selection Programme is particularly beneficial for new sellers starting their journey on Amazon, small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand their product offerings, and sellers launching unique or innovative products. The programme offers cost savings, improved visibility, and an opportunity to test the market with minimal risk. A no-brainer if you ask us.

The New Selection Programme is Perfect for Businesses Starting Out on Amazon

How We Can Help with Enrollment

FBU Solutions can help you get the most out of the Amazon FBA New Selection Programme. We offer complete support, from enrolling in the programme to keeping your eligibility and improving your listings. Most importantly, we’ll ensure you can see the data produced.

We can work on your enrollment & monitor your statistics, savings and sales through the program

Enrolling and Tracking Your Success

It’s easy to enrol in the FBA New Selection Programme. Once you’re enrolled, you can track your success and check the data in the FBA New Selection dashboard.

*Please note that the $100 shipping discount is not available in the UK.*

Join the FBA New Selection Programme in 2023 and watch your Amazon business grow.

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