Credit Crunching with Amazon PPC

Being an Amazon Seller, cash flow is crucial but spending money to advertise on Amazon is also a prerequisite on the platform. You simply can’t grow without PPC, so your cash flow can inevitably be affected.

Deciding how and when you pay for those ads impacts your cash flow. Most people don’t know they have the option to choose either!

Amazon says your billing limit starts at £50/$50 and increases based on your spending, up until £500/$500. Essentially, for every £500/$500 you spend, Amazon will charge you no matter the time of the month.

What if I told you there was a more efficient way to manage your ad billing? 

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A simple fix has allowed one of our accounts to hit £5000 until Amazon charges

Where you can push off your bills until they reach levels acceptable to you.

Amazon does offer this, but they do not make this clear. You could theoretically increase your billing threshold to $10,000/£10,000 if you want to. This will depend on some factors like past spending, ability to pay on time, and your own credit limits.

Simply contact Amazon ads support, not seller support, and they will guide you through the process, ask you some credit questions, and then you should be able to agree to a more appropriate threshold.

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Payments leaving the accounts at different times of the month can hit your cash flow hard.

This can be beneficial for small or large accounts as it will reduce the number of times you need to pay your ad bills in a week or month. This will springboard your ability to order inventory or spend more on other areas of your brand.

In an amazon landscape that is becoming more competitive every day, there are fine margins that will give you that extra edge over your competitors. This is one of those hacks that will ensure you are staying ahead.

The process of being billed less frequently only takes three days from our experience, and we recommend you apply it where you can on multiple ad accounts.

Time is money, as the old saying goes, but in this case, you’re effectively buying more time.

If you’re looking for an amazon agency with intricate know-how and an eye for staying on top of Amazon’s key changes, look no further than FBU Solutions.

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Credit Crunching with Amazon PPC

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